Synthestruct :: react();

About the Project :: react(); is a fun, audio-reactive and interactive project that allows the viewer to become the source for generating pulsing geometric visuals. This project uses the Kinect sensor and Processing to gather depth information, and projects the viewers form as a mirror image of bursting shapes.  react(); was design especially for the SURFACES exhibition to inspire interaction and…perhaps even some dancing. The name stems from the reactive behaviors, and is a play on the “rect();” function. 

About the Artist ::

Ginger Leigh, alias “Synthestruct” is a digital artist who enjoys creative coding and finding ways to explore her love for math and science through her visual designs. She graduated from UCF with her B.A. in Digital Media and currently teaches Digital Arts and Design at Full Sail University. Her work has been presented internationally at the Music Tech Fest in Sweden and Slovenia, and at the Electrodome Festival in Sweden. She has worked extensively with cymatics (the study of the visualization of sound), and her work in this area has been seen on the dome screen at the Buehler Planetarium, art shows, and at BYOB Orlando at the Maitland Art Center. She is highly passionate about her work and continually challenges herself to learn new skills that she can apply towards bringing her ideas to life. Her current focus is on interactive installations and using different sensors to allow others  to become an integral part of the creation process.