Mac Rutan :: Refraction/Reflection

About the Project ::

Refraction/Reflection invites participants to play and dance with light-altering artifacts. The artifacts enable participants to effect the immediate environment and each other. An array of projections, sculpture and artifacts beckons new participants to interact within the space, prompting them to alter their surroundings. The projections stream words and images while sculptures provide the means for reflection. Through the interaction of energy between surfaces, materials and humans, Refraction/Reflection presents a dynamic multisensoral relationship intended to inspire interpersonal outcomes.

About the Artist ::

Mac Rutan is an artist intrigued with human interaction and ubiquitous computing spanning analog and digital technologies. Endlessly fascinated by humankind and nature, his art explores the development, process, and effects of interrelationships.

Professionally Mac has been an exhibition installer, designer, and documentarian for various institutions, including the Harn Museum of Art, The Florida Museum of Natural History, and Orlando Museum of Art. He has also served as Technical Director/Media Designer for the video artist Miroslaw Rogala and was the Jury Coordinator for the Chicago International Film Festival’s Intercom competition.

Mac has an A.A. in Music, B.S. in Computer Science at Columbia College, Chicago, and M.F.A. in Media Design from Full Sail University. He is the Course Director for Digital Media Production in the department of Digital Arts and Design at Full Sail University.