Josh Horrom :: Into The Void

About the Project ::

The Void: The absence of something. But how can you go into something that technically is nothing? This is what my project explores, designed to create a world where the void is influenced by the environment it is surrounded by in the real world. In a sense connecting dimensions, I incorporated interactivity with movement and sound within a 3D scene that gives the user control.

The aim of this project is to create a unique interactive experience that is both satisfying when the user is simply looking at it through sound and appeasing when the user interacts with it. Not through a cluttered page but rather through a clean well designed scene.

About the Artist ::

Josh Horrom is a strong willed, hard working individual who strives for nothing but perfection. Josh graduates from the Digital Art and Design degree at Full Sail University in May of this year. He is a designer who strives towards creating experiences, using Processing and other tools to create interactive visuals, using his background in design.