Jim Inziello (UniCron Studios) ::  Android Tea VR


About the Project ::

Android Tea VR is a step inside a boutique of the future. Delicate 3d printed porcelain will adorn the tables and android automata will abound.  This real time Oculus Rift Game will allow the user to experience a preview to a larger Cyber Victorian High Tea.  One may even hear the sounds of some synthoid harpsichord from upstairs and may smell sweet bergamot on the wind.

About the Artist ::

Jim Is a Self taught 3d Artist and a Futurist. He has been working commercially in the 3d industry for 19 years. His passion for 3d has transcended the virtual with the process of 3d printing.  There is a new design revolution on the horizon, and he intends to explore the methods of design, engineering, and material integration. His vision is to spread that knowledge through a network of software that teaches users by way of introducing the underlying principle as a game mechanic, for which the solution can be arrived at via mastery and interactivity.