Boris Divider :: Micronome


About the Project ::

Micronome is a lite version of Autonome, an independent and reactive audiovisual installation that manages a remote controlled video database with audiovisual works, visual experiments and motion graphics transitions created by the artist. Everything is triggered and controlled by automata software which runs a specific routine.

About the Artist ::

Electronic music producer, sound designer and visual composer from Madrid, Spain.

His works, focused in the electronic and electroacoustic sequential music are an important and essential pillar to understand the trajectory of this musician, producer and visual composer who, after devoting more than a decade to club electronic music and becoming a benchmark for international standing in the electro-techno, playing in events such as Sonar Festival (Bcn), ADE (Amsterdam) or clubs like Tresor (Berlin), has been transforming and consolidating a new staging and a closer to audiovisual installation and audio-video synchronization subject. Minimalism, as an art, is an important part in influencing his music but also in the graphic image. All this is complemented with textures, patterns, visual noise and motion graphics created with several techniques and generated or controlled in realtime, becoming a new field of audiovisual communication. Close to the border between experimentation and metavideo.

His performances during the last years include events such as MiRA Festival 2015, La Casa Encendida, (Artium) Vasque Museum of Contemporary Art, Volumens 2015, (MEH)
Museo de la Evolución Humana, (CBA) Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid.
All the sound and visual material is original, created and produced by Boris Divider.