Aron Bacs :: Laser Image Sythesizer

About the Project ::

The Laser Image Synthesizer enables the creation of flowing structured or abstract laser image artwork using custom software and hardware.  The images are displayed using an 800mW (0.8 Watt) RGB (Red Green Blue) laser projector.  Unlike video where the image is formed via a raster (an array of vertically stacked lines), the laser projector is a vector format such that when a shape, arc, or line needs to be drawn, it can do so without the constraints of resolution typically associated with video.  Lasers enable images to be pure saturated colors, or pastels, and/or vibrant color mixes.  The vector format of the imagery flows similar to a stream of never ending geometric patterns.

About the Artist ::

Aron was born in Virginia, 1960.  Growing up in Kempsville, Aron was always curious about almost everything – especially light, sound, and art.  His creative Hungarian parents and grandparents, helped shape his abilities.  Aron received a degree in Electrical Engineering from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.  He worked as a main lab technician for the Physics department while he was an undergraduate. One day, in a darkened physics lab, Aron was simply awestruck with the color and beauty of laser light, shadows, and shifting light flares.  

His life has been spent mastering how engineering and science disciplines are intertwined.  A large amount of his time has been spent learning the machining methods, material processing techniques, and related skills that allow these arts to be combined and used effectively; especially when it comes to Optics and Laser Art.

Aron’s Laser Show industry contributions over the last 30+ years are extensive.  Millions have seen the results of his work at Planetariums, Festivals, and events, over most of North America, including Europe, and Japan.  He continues to push technology forward, with a constant eye on Laser Graphics and Art.

Aron has numerous US and foreign patents and has been an invited presenter at Lucasfilm / Lucas Arts / Kerner Optical, the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers, and the International Laser Display Association where he was a founding member of the technical committee.  Aron has received various awards including the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions 1991 “Best New Technology for Exhibit” Award, the National Association of Broadcasters “Best of Show” in 4 Categories (First time in the trade shows history) 2005, the International Laser Display Association First Place “New Technology” Award 1990 “Wide Angle Scanning”, as well as other awards, throughout the 1980’s to 2000’s,  Aron has also worked in Motion Pictures, has screen credits in several motion pictures, as well as done TV commercials.  He has also authored papers on Laser and Lens Systems, and was co-developer of ChromaDepth™ (color depth 3-D technology) for use laser displays and other media.